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Introduction of adhesive for LCD display screen
At present, the rugged and commercialized LCD displays meet too many daily applications, and many structural materials used for LED displays are also used in the assembly process of LCD displays. Although some led backlights have many requirements for LED protection technology and other considerations, some LCD panels will use such led backlights.

The adhesives used in the LCD components must be optically transparent, because they will paste the coated / covered window or lens into the touch panel or LCD panel, and also adhere the LCD module to the touch panel. Loca can protect more sensitive LCD modules and touch panels from damage, so loca plays an important role in the optical clarity of LCD screens. They also eliminate the air gap between the touch screen display interlayer to improve the contrast. By selecting appropriate loca materials and combining anti reflection, anti glare and anti pollution glass coated / covered windows, the touch screen can remain bright and clear under any circumstances. A clear display screen can reduce the brightness requirements of the device, thereby reducing power consumption and extending the service life of the device. Loca is highly reworkable, and the lens or touch panel can be repositioned before final curing. Part of the loca is easily peeled off after drying.

LCD design can be used for UV curing; The loca area that cannot contact the UV light source can be cured with activator, heat, moisture or other special tools. Tianxiang technology recommends two UV adhesives for LCD display, uv3520 and uv3522.

UV adhesive uv3520

1. Transparent liquid, high viscosity, good flexibility, impact and vibration resistance.

2. It has excellent moisture resistance.

3. It can be used in combination with accelerator.

4. There are many curing methods.

UV glue uv3522

1. Transparent liquid, high viscosity, high thixotropy.

2. Good flexibility, impact and vibration resistance.

3. It has excellent moisture resistance.

4. It can be used for bonding PC, TPU, ABS and other plastic materials.