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How to avoid abrasion of the wear-resistant and dust-free drag chain itself
Drag chain is a device to protect cables and wires, which can prevent the back and forth movement of wires and cables and avoid abrasion. However, the cable that cannot be completely wrapped in the mop by industrial technology will not move, so how to reduce the abrasion of the mop cable has become a concern of many people. Here are some methods to help.

Application of drag chain.

It is applicable to CNC machine tools, machining centers, automatic machines, production lines and other machine tools, robots, transportation machinery, measuring instruments, transportation devices and other drive controls as protective devices for wires, cable liquids, and gas hoses. It can coordinate the operation of moving parts of machine tools and mechanical equipment, give play to safety protection and guidance capabilities, extend the life of protected wires, cables, liquid, and gas hoses, and reduce consumption, Greatly improve the disordered distribution of wires, cables, liquid and gas hoses of machine tools and mechanical equipment

How to reduce drag chain abrasion of cables.

First, the method of wrapping mops is very simple for many people. Install winding pipes to wrap mops where they are easy to wear. It can directly avoid the abrasion between the drag chain and the cable. This method is simple to operate, but it has the abrasion problem of the winding pipe and cable. It takes a long time and has no effect. The winding pipe needs to be replaced regularly. In the long run, this method is not simple.

Second, buy high-intensity mops.

Since the wear between the drag chain and the cable cannot be prevented, the quality of the drag chain must be upgraded. When purchasing a drag chain, you must purchase a high strength drag chain. The abrasion between the mop with high strength and the cable is relatively small, and the price is relatively high. However, in the long run, replacing the mop with high strength is a good way to avoid abrasion between the mop and the cable. In addition, the high strength drag chain itself is extremely stable, generally not damaged, and has a long service life. For users, the high strength drag chain seems to have better long-term benefits.

Pay attention to:

1. 15% space shall be reserved when selecting. Built in cables, pipes, etc. can move freely, and the radius direction will not bring tension to the mop. Conductors with large diameter differences shall be laid separately and the weight shall be evenly distributed. If necessary, they can be separated by diaphragms. When moving at high speed or high frequency, the conductors shall be separated horizontally as far as possible without overlapping. It is recommended to use diaphragms when there are many cables, gas pipes and oil pipes.

2. Built in height: select the thick one of the built-in cable, gas pipe, oil pipe and water pipe as the reference height, and add at least 10% of the height space as the built-in height of the drag chain. The actual height after overlapping is taken as the reference height.

3. Interior: Select thick cables, pipes, oil pipes, water pipes, etc., and the sum of their outer diameters as a reference for the internal width of the drag chain, leaving at least 10% of the width space.

4. Bending radius: large bending radius of built-in cable, gas pipe, oil pipe, water pipe, etc. shall be selected as reference value, and the space shall be more than 10%.