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How to choose conductive adhesive?
Many customers will ask us, there are many kinds of conductive adhesive, how to choose? The following Jingzheng Intelligent Manufacturing Technology makes up to tell you that when we buy conductive adhesive, we need to understand three things first:

1. Is it used for bonding, sealing or shielding?

2. What are the requirements for resistivity or conductivity?

3. Curing process requirements.

Common conductive adhesives include solvent based conductive adhesive, silicone sealed conductive adhesive and epoxy bonded conductive adhesive.

A The solvent conductive adhesive is solidified by volatilizing the solvent. There are also many kinds of conductive powders. Generally, there are many silver powders, which are generally suitable for shielding electronic products, or conductive coating of electronic products and circuit boards. The adhesive force is not very high, the conductivity is good, and the price is cheap. The representative products are K-808 and K-818 series.

B silicone sealing conductive adhesive is a conductive adhesive with elasticity and sealing property, which is more suitable for conducting and sealing electronic products, especially for bonding and sealing precision electronic communication products, and shielding use of 5G aluminum alloy for cover plates. Typical products are K-860 and K-868 series.

C Epoxy conductive adhesive is cured by high temperature heating or mixed curing. It has good conductivity and adhesiveness, and high temperature resistance. It is relatively expensive and suitable for high-value electronic products. The representative products are K-858 and K-852 series.