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Introduction to main application fields of UV adhesivea
UV adhesive, also known as UV curable adhesive and shadowless adhesive, is an adhesive that must be cured by ultraviolet light. It is used for bonding and fixing transparent articles, with high curing speed. It can be used for bonding and fixing of various materials, as well as for coating, covering and other applications. Let‘s introduce the main application fields of UV glue.

1. Application of UV glue in glass, handicraft and jewelry industry

UV adhesive can be cured in a few minutes or even seconds under the UV curing condition, which can greatly shorten the production time and improve the production efficiency. In the jewelry and decoration industry, it can quickly complete the inlaying and positioning of gemstones and crystals. Glass furniture and glass lighting are also important application fields of UV glue, which can save energy and improve production efficiency.

2. Application of UV adhesive in electrical and electronic industries

The development of UV adhesive in electrical and electronic applications is very fast. Its main uses include: adhesion and sealing of smart cards and conductive polymer displays; Coating and sealing of terminals, relays, capacitors and microswitches; Sticking surface components on a printed circuit board (PCB); Bonding of integrated circuit blocks on printed circuit boards; Fixing of coil wire terminals and bonding and reinforcement of parts and components.

3. Application of UV adhesive in automobile industry

The application of UV glue in the automobile industry mainly lies in the bonding of auto industry parts, which usually also belongs to the field of electrical and electronic industries. Its application covers: automobile lamp assembly bonding; Adhesion of reversing mirror and airbag components; Fuel injection system, automotive glass repair industry, etc.

4. Application of UV adhesive in optoelectronics and information industry

Although the electrical, electronic and automobile industries are the fastest-growing parts, the optoelectronic information industry with great potential has the largest consumption, which mainly includes three consumption areas: the bonding of components in the digital optical disc manufacturing industry; Optical fiber bonding; Adhesion of liquid crystal and polymer display.

5. Application of UV adhesive in medical supplies industry

UV glue with medical grade certification has been widely used in the bonding and assembly of medical plastic tubes and medical supplies industry, such as: the bonding of hypodermic needles with syringes and intravenous tubes; Catheter, reservoir and sensor assembly; Adhesive fixation of anesthesia mask, infusion pump, blood separation cup, etc;

UV adhesive is a general-purpose product with a wide range of applications. It has excellent bonding effect on the bonding of plastics and various materials; Therefore, in addition to the five application fields described above, it can also be applied to many industries such as instrumentation, new energy, lighting and so on.