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What should be paid attention to when selecting and installing gas control alarm?
In recent years, with the continuous increase of environmental governance, all key industrial enterprises in China have basically installed over standard alarm facilities. The gas alarm controller, as a single point gas monitoring device, is mainly used in the field end of the online environmental monitoring system, and is an important and indispensable alarm instrument to remind staff to take safety measures quickly to ensure the safety of life and property.

The leakage of toxic and harmful gases will cause irreparable harm to us and the environment, but some toxic gases are colorless and tasteless, which is impossible to prevent. Therefore, we need to install gas control alarms to monitor these toxic, harmful or flammable gases in real time. Once the gas leaks, and the gas volatilization is detected by the gas detector, the gas detector will convert the detected gas concentration into an electrical signal, The higher the concentration of the leaked gas, the stronger the electrical signal will be, and then it will be transmitted to the gas controller through the wire. The gas controller will display the concentration of the leaked gas after receiving the signal. At the same time, if the concentration of the leaked gas exceeds the specified gas concentration, the gas alarm will give an audible and visual alarm.

In short, the detection of harmful gases has two purposes, one is explosion detection, the other is poison detection. The so-called explosion detection is to detect the content of combustible gas in the risk area and give an alarm in case of overspending, so as to prevent the occurrence of explosion incidents; Poison detection is to detect the content of toxic gas in the risk area and give an alarm in case of overspending to prevent staff from poisoning.

Then we should carefully choose the gas control alarm when choosing, after all, it is directly related to our personal and property safety. Then I will give you a few points about the selection of gas control alarm:

1. The cost of toxic gas alarm is higher than that of combustible gas alarm. We all know that one price is equal to the other, but where is the high cost?

2. The cost mainly refers to the gas sensor. The toxic gas sensor is a pure imported high-precision sensor that can be automatically calibrated to prevent zero drift.

3. In terms of after-sales maintenance, the toxic gas alarm is more "delicate" than the combustible gas alarm. Because the more accurate the detection data is, the higher the requirements for equipment and environment are, so the after-sales maintenance of the toxic gas alarm is more complicated than the combustible gas alarm.