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Which linear guides are more suitable for the application of machine tools
With the rapid development of the machine tool industry, the demand for its parts is also increasing. While increasing, we should pay special attention to the quality problem. This article mainly introduces which linear guide is more suitable for machine tool applications, hoping to help more staff.

The movement of the control elements of the machine tool completes the fine processing of the machine tool, which is the primary difference between the manual machine tool and the machine tool. The machine tool makers are most concerned about the precision, rigidity and service life of the machine tool. The research method of the guide rail system is very inconsistent. At least, it is not put in an important position in terms of machine tool manufacturing skills. In terms of machine tool samples and advertising, the most attractive skill parameters are: spindle speed, feed speed, tool change speed and feed speed. Of course, these parameters are very important to the function of the machine tool. However, the guide rail has laid a solid foundation for the completion of the machine tool function.

Various types of machine tool operating parts use the control axis to move on the designated guide rail. The machine tool descriptor selects various guide rail systems in different ways according to the type and use of the machine tool. The following three types are widely used:; That is, the plane guide rail, the linear rolling guide rail, and the combination of the circular roller and the plane guide rail constitute the rolling body guide rail. Of course, the system is far more than the above three ways, there are other ways of guide.